CIRIEC Nº 62 October 2008

ISBN: 84-95003-71-6

Spanish Social Economy: Facts and Researches

The Prospects for the Social Economy in a Changing World

Authors: Juan Antonio Tomás Carpi

Keywords: Social Economy, strategic role, values.

Econlit Keywords: P130, Q130.

Public Policies and Social Economy in Spain and Europe

Authors: Rafael Chaves

Keywords: Economic policies, social economy, Spain, Europe.

Econlit Keywords: L380, P130.

Labour Managed Firms in Spain

Authors: Alfonso Carlos Morales Gutiérrez, Sonia Martín López and Gustavo Lejarriaga Pérez de las Vacas

Keywords: Labour-Managed Firms, worker cooperatives, worker-owned companies, employment.

Econlit Keywords: J210, J540, M410, P130.

Co-operative Banking Groups in Europe: Comparative Analysis of the Structure and Activity

Authors: Ricardo J. Palomo Zurdo

Keywords: Credit co-operatives, co-operative banks, co-operative banking groups.

Econlit Keywords: G210, P130, Q130, R510.

The Neo-Schumpeterian Model of Economic Development in the Basque Country: The role of Social Economy

Authors: Baleren Bakaikoa Azurmendi, Amaia Agirre Aramburu and Anjel Errasti Amozarrain

Keywords: Cooperatives, innovation, management, neo-schumperian model, participation.

Econlit Keywords: P130, M100, M310.

Social Economy and the Cooperative Movement in Europe: Contributions to a New Vision of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Europe of The 27

Authors: Juan Francisco Juliá Igual and Elena Meliá Martí

Keywords: European agricultural cooperatives, competitiveness, dimension, internationalisation.

Econlit Keywords: Q130, Q140, Q110.

Innovation and Management in Social Economy and Cooperative Enterprises

Authors: Juan Antonio Pedreño Frutos

The Social Economy and public policies

Authors: Juan José Barrera Cerezal