CIRIEC-España revista de economía pública, social y cooperativa (CIRIEC journal of public, social and cooperative economy) will prioritise the publication of articles on the following subjects:

  • The Social Economy facing the new challenges of sustainable development: environment, circular economy, poverty and SDG
  • Social Economy, youth, entrepreneurship and University
  • New theories and approaches on Social Economy, Social Innovation, CSR, Economy for the Common Good, Collaborative Economy, Solidarity Economy, Third Sector and Social Enterprises
  • Evaluation of the social and economic impact of the Social Economy. Monetization of social value. Theories and empirical results
  • The Social Economy in an international perspective: statistics and national studies. Internationalization of the Social Economy
  • The Social Economy and the co-creation and coproduction of public services: health, education and social services
  • Social Economy and gender perspective
  • Denaturalization, tensions, transformation and regeneration of the entities of the Social Economy
  • Generational relay, family cooperatives and Social Economy
  • Social Economy, knowledge society and digital revolution
  • The new generation of public policies on Social Economy and Cooperatives
  • The new generation of laws on Social Economy entities, at national or regional level
  • Training and education in Social Economy and Cooperativism
  • Role and impact of the Social Economy in territorial development processes
  • The financial services of the actors of the Social Economy