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Nº 102Banking structure and income inequality. Cooperative banking makes a difference

Authors: Juan Francisco Albert Moreno, Rafael Chaves Ávila

Keywords: Cooperative banking, income inequality, panel data, financial inclusion.

Econlit Keywords: G21, G32, D63.

Nº 102Unpaid nature of the position of trustee in a preferential tax regime. Critical analysis and reform proposal

Authors: Esteban Palacios Ronda

Keywords: Third Sector, Foundations, Patronage, Taxation, Administration.

Econlit Keywords: L31, L51, K34

Nº 102Women in Social and Solidarity Economy: socioeconomic alternatives for all?

Authors: Marina Di Masso Tarditti, Sandra Ezquerra Samper, Marta G. Rivera-Ferre

Keywords: Women, Social and Solidarity Economy, Feminist Economics, Access inequalities.

Econlit Keywords: O350, P130, Z130.

Nº 102The role of Galician Cofradías in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals: protection of marine resources and equity

Authors: Iria García Lorenzo

Keywords: Cofradías, Sustainable Development Goals, Marine resources management, environmental protection, self-management, equity.

Econlit Keywords: D23, J54, L32, Q01, Q22.