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No. 92 April 2018
No. 91 December 2017
No. 90 August 2017
No. 89 April 2017
No. 88 December 2016
No. 87 August 2016 Social Responsability, Public Administration and Good Governance
No. 86 April 2016
No. 85 December 2015 Corporate Social Responsability: Innovation and Sustainability
No. 84 August 2015
No. 83 April 2015 Social and economic impact of the Social Economy
No. 82 December 2014
No. 81 August 2014
No. 80 April 2014
No. 79 December 2013 Social Economy, Civil Society and Social Welfare
No. 78 August 2013 Entrepreneurship and Social Economy
No. 77 April 2013 Corporate social responsibility, finance and social capital in the Social Economy
No. 76 December 2012 The impact of economic crisis on Social Economy
No. 75 August 2012 Social Enterprises and Social Economy / Empresas Sociales y Economía Social
No. 74 April 2012 Economic and Financial Aspects of the Social Economy
No. 73 October 2011 Social economy, an international perspective. 25 Years of CIRIEC-España
No. 72 October 2011 Competitiveness, innovation and internationalization of agri-cooperatives
No. 71 August 2011 The role of Social Economy in the implementation of the Dependency Law
No. 70 April 2011
No. 69 October 2010 Tax Regime of Cooperatives
No. 68 August 2010 Financial institutions of social economy within the financial crisis
No. 67 April 2010 Employment, innovation and intercooperation in Social Economy
No. 66 October 2009 Regulatory and institutional contexts of Social Economy
No. 65 August 2009 Corporate Social Responsibility, crisis and Social Economy
No. 64 April 2009 Local development and entrepreneurship of Social Economy
No. 63 December 2008 Social Economy: research in the areas of market and non-market operators
No. 62 October 2008 Spanish Social Economy: Facts and Researches
No. 61 August 2008 Sustainable development, environment and Social Economy
No. 60 April 2008 Innovation and Social Economy
No. 59 October 2007 Work integration social enterprises: bridges for inclusion in the labor market
No. 58 August 2007 New horizons in accounting of cooperative enterprises
No. 57 April 2007 Transparency, information and efficient management in Social Economy


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