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CIRIEC No. 83 [ISBN 978-84-941260-8-6]
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Social and economic impact of the Social Economy
'Social and economic impact of the social economy'. Introduction
Author: Carmen Marcuello Servós
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Toward a New Metrics for the Evaluation of the Social Added Value of Social Enterprises
Author: Andrea Bassi and Giorgia Vincenti
Keywords: Social Impact Assessment, Social Added Value, Evaluation, Social Cooperatives.  
Econlit keywords: M140, P130, Q130.  
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Monetarizing the social value: theory and evidence
Author: José-Luis Retolaza, Leire San-Jose and Maite Ruiz-Roqueñi
Keywords: Social accounting, sostenibility, shared-value, stakeholder theory, finance.  
Econlit keywords: M140, P130, Q130.  
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The economic and employment impact of the Social Economy in Spain – A multi-sector analysis
Author: Patricia D. Fuentes Saguar & Alfredo J. Mainar Causapé
Keywords: Social economy, employment, multi-sector models, social accounting matrix.  
Econlit keywords: E000, E200, P000.  
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Self-employment in the social economy: an approach to its territorial evolution in Spain
Author: María del Carmen Pérez González & Lidia Valiente Palma
Keywords: Territorial development, social economy, labor-managed firms, cooperatives, self-employment, cluster analysis.  
Econlit keywords: J540, P130, R100.  
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Employment in cooperative societies – A comparative analysis of cyclical phases and synchronization
Author: Mercè Sala Ríos, Teresa Torres Solé & Mariona Farré Perdiguer
Keywords: Cooperative societies, cyclical phases, turning points, Bry and Boschan algorithm, business cycle, cyclical synchronization, economic crisis.  
Econlit keywords: E240, E320, J210, J540, L210.  
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Social disclosure based on the GRI guidelines for the social economy: a tool for improving member-cooperative relations
Author: Francisca Castilla-Polo, Dolores Gallardo-Vázquez & Mª Isabel Sánchez-Hernández
Keywords: Cooperative societies, stakeholders, social disclosure, GRI, Social Economy.  
Econlit keywords: M140, M400, P130.  
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The globalisation of manufacturing and its socio-economic impact – The case of Orkli S. Coop in China
Author: Paula Arzadun
Keywords: Socio-economic impact, economic globalization, manufacturing globalization, Mondragon, Orkli S.Coop.  
Econlit keywords: F620, F610, F630, M140, L240.  
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Size and profitability in co-operative banking: a picture from inside a Portuguese institution
Author: Sérgio Lagoa and Licínio Prata Pina
Keywords: Banks, co-operatives, profitability, Crédito Agrícola, mergers.  
Econlit keywords: D240, G210, M100, P130.  
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Decisive factors for purchasing products with social and environmental labels
Author: Isabel Carrero, Carmen Valor & Raquel Redondo
Keywords: Corporate social responsibility (CSR), labelling and branding, label knowledge, social and environmental labels, sustainability, Spain.  
Econlit keywords: D830, M140, M310.  
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What is a food bank for? Relations with beneficiary organizations in a region of northern Spain
Author: Jorge Coque, Pilar L. González-Torre & Marta García Rodríguez
Keywords: Food banks, food consumption organizations, food distribution organizations, survey, participative action research, demand, supply.  
Econlit keywords: I310, L310, Q180, Q510, R410.  
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