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Cooperative Societies and Labour Companies as architects of entrepreneurship. Comparative analysis of the entrepreneurial profile of both types of company in the context of Andalusia
Author: Mario Cuadrado Serrán & Antonio Manuel Ciruela Lorenzo
Keywords: Social Economy, entrepreneurship, Cooperatives, Labour Companies, profile type, Andalusia.  
Econlit keywords: M190, L260, P130, J540, M100.  
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Social economy entities as protagonists of a new model of entrepreneurship and legal measures to support entrepreneurship
Author: Luis Ángel Sánchez Pachón & Emilio Pérez Chinarro
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, entrepreneur, social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial orientation, social economy entity, social enterprise.  
Econlit keywords: L260, M130, M190, P130.  
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The exporting Social Economy of Seville: an exploratory analysis
Author: Macarena Pérez-Suárez & Arturo Gutiérrez Fernández
Keywords: Exports, social economy, innovation, level of internationalization.  
Econlit keywords: F430, F230, M160, P130.  
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Asymmetries in Spanish credit unions
Author: Rafaela Pizarro-Barceló, Ángel García-Ortiz & Ana Lópaz-Pérez
Keywords: Credit unions, bank restructuring, institutional protection scheme, credit supply, profitability, panel data.  
Econlit keywords: C230, E510, G010, G210, G340.  
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Contractual structures in the Popular Finance Sector in the Municipality of Querétaro (Mexico)
Author: Cenobio Javier Cárdenas Félix, Julia Hirsch & Graciela Lara Gómez
Keywords: Information asymmetries, credit, microfinance organizations, lending methods.  
Econlit keywords: G200, G210, G230, G280, G290, P130.  
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An analysis of innovation in cooperatives through intangible value
Author: Pedro Carmona, Julián Martínez & José Pozuelo
Keywords: Cooperatives, innovation, intangible assets, analysis.  
Econlit keywords: P130, M210, O310.  
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Types of family farm association in the rural development of Argentina in recent decades (1990-2014)
Author: Mario Lattuada, María Elena Nogueira & Marcos Urcola
Keywords: Associations, family farms, rural development, Argentina.  
Econlit keywords: Q120, Q130, Q180.  
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Agri-food cooperatives and SATs: a comparison of the quality of accounting earnings
Author: María Isabel Juárez Rubio, Maribel Leiva Jurac, Pere Sabaté Prats & Óscar Alfranca Buriel
Keywords: Agri-food cooperatives, accounting quality, earnings attributes.  
Econlit keywords: Q130, M410, M490.  
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Study on accountability in matters of social responsibility: the social balance sheet
Author: Lluís Carreras Roig & Ramon Bastida Vialcanet
Keywords: Social balance, social economy, solidarity economy, indicators, social responsibility.  
Econlit keywords: L290, M140, M190, P130  
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Corporate Income Tax savings in Spanish cooperatives
Author: Aurelio Herrero Blasco
Keywords: Effective tax rate, tax savings, public policy, cooperatives, Spain.  
Econlit keywords: D690, H200, H210, H300, H800, H830.  
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